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LM556 Flip-Flop Truth Table

The circuit on this piece of paper is on behalf of a hybrid - traditional / RESET type of logic Flip-droop so as to is constructed from an LM556 - Dual Timer integrated circuit.

LM556 Flip-Flop Truth Table
LM556 Flip-Flop Truth Table
The design is crude but helpful for very low hustle applications. Its maximum asset is so as to the outputs of the LM556 are skillful of driving current oodles of up to 200 milliamps with a minimum voltage loss.
This circuit was originally residential to drive “Stall Motor” type switch tackle with the aim of are used on replica railroads. These motors practice low voltage DC and pass approximately 15 milliamps whilst they are happening a held up condition.
Due to the design of the LM556 timer counter in attendance are multiple output options unfilled in this design. These include the conventional timer outputs which are bipolar and the ‘DISCHARGE’ terminals, (PINS 1 and 13), with the purpose of are approachable antenna circuits.

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