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Electricity Power Saver

Do you know how to work his usual power saving devices in the market is shaped like a dry battery with a plug into an outlet?. Actually you can create your own tool with much better quality with much cheaper price.

Because of the way it works is to reduce the magnitude from cosine curve AC current that will be read on the gauge kilometer. Device work if there is air conditioning load passes through a coil of wire sensors to measure the AC current which is being passed.

Electricity Power Saver Circuit Diagram
Power Saver Circuit
A very influential component in the AC circuit is a capacitor and inductor. Therefore we need to filter the AC current before it enters our home electricity network. Obviously we did not perform the act of theft of electricity, and this tool will not be detected by the device are as follows . How to installation, Here I would include a scheme of the circuit which will be installed close to the mile. The closer, the more optimal the way it works, use good quality capacitors, for security MCB here, serves to prevent the occurrence of shorting out due to damage to the capacitor. Then Enter in box or plastic box which is strong enough. Better capacitor in the cast by GIP's or cement, so that power is wasted heat well.

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4 comments for "Electricity Power Saver"

  1. well.. i used 40uF/450VAC nonpolar capicitor. near to MainDB. in my house.. is better to use 40uF or 10uF capicitor? can you explain me.

    1. actually the 40uf is greater than 10uf, but it much cost.

  2. How many
    percentage actually reduce in my electricity bil? For home intallation

    1. im not sure with this, but it can reduce about 5 - 10% in your electricity bil.