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The damage Horizontal LG TV

Often find LG TV is switched off completely. After checking it Hor short TR / koslet so that all the inverter output voltage drop. Start with the appointment of TR page and check the voltage and turns back to normal. Do not always replace with a new TR because TR surely you will lose because they will surely be broken again, if immediate profits and normal life. After checking on the block capacitor Horizontal out that there was a rather plump and lifted it after it is dry there is no value of the capacitance.

The damage Horizontal LG TV
Capacitor is located on the collector TR Hor bypassed to ground which is parallel with the diode. For the slim LG 21 "inch typically use 2kV 183j (18n 2kV) for the black pearl 29" using 103j2kv (10N 2kV). After replacement of capacitor TSB and TR Hor who just started a TV and Direct TV was OK. 've Also found a balck pearl TV LG 29 "wide image conditions and so OSD is only half visible. As usual checks are still in the horizontal section. Initially thought to drive the FET TR Hor damaged and wide after being picked and measured FET turns out they will be still good. And start There seem damaged parts elco 250v1uf which already began to get puffy and after replacement image remains the same.

And start looking again what's so broken, and who seemed to actually see the disease as I get 600V 154J capacitor looks a little plump. C they will begin to lift and measure it with tester tester x100K and was not moving at all a sign of C is dry. They will begin to replace the capacitor, because it does not have the same C 204J 250V only that there had to be replaced eventually with this one. Begin with a TV and the picture was no longer visible widening is normally only about the width of the CM because it is not the same capacitor.

Then enter the service menu by pressing MENU on the panel and press 2 times hold MENU on the remote and add value HOR WIDE to fit the image width and by pressing OK on the remote to save the settings and press AV to exit.