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Circuit Mobile Phone Battery Charger

This post share about Mobile Phone charger circuits, previously you can see other Phone Battery Charger Circuit  or Charger Circuit . This Charger ciruit use to charging phone battery using IC 7805 for plus voltage regulator or & 7905 for min voltage regulator. Below is a schematic circuit adapter, power supply, or battery charger (for gadgets, mobile phones, MP4player, smartphone) that is equipped with a 5V voltage stabilizer:

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Diode Bridge
diode bridge, known as a diode bridge is used for the rectifier circuit current (rectifier) from AC to DC. to make the diode bridge properly you need to know the type of diode to be used, to suit your needs. example: to make the power supply 12 Volt 3 ​​Ampere diode type 1N5401 is needed, for more detail how to choose the right type of diode to the adapter.

Voltage stabilizers are commonly used are the 78XX or 79XX type LM, XX indicates the maximum voltage output is generated. see the example in the circuit schematic above, to output 5 V is used type LM 7805. for other voltages must be adjusted to the transformer and its stabilizer IC.