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Automatic Water Pump Controller Circuit

Automatic water pump controller is a series of functions to control the Automatic Water Pump Controller Circuit in a reservoir or water storage. As the water level sensor made with a metal plate mounted on the reservoir or water tank, with a sensor in the short to create the top level and a detection sensor for detecting long again made the lower level and ground lines connected to the bottom of reservoirs or reservoir. The series of automatic water pump controller is designed with 2 inputs NOR by 4 pieces and relay that is activated by the transistor. Automatic water pump circuit requires +12 VDC voltage source and can be used to control the water pump is connected to AC power . Here is the complete series of pictures.

Series Automatic Water Pump Controller 

Automatic Water Pump Controller Circuit

List Component Automatic Water Pump Controller 
R1 = 15K 
R2 = 15K 
R3 = 10K 
R4 = 1K 
D1 = LED 
D2 = 1N4148 
Q1 = BC337 
IC1 = 4001 
SW = SPDT Switches 
Relay RL1 = 12V 

The working principle series of automatic water pump controller above is. At the time the water level is below both sensors, the output IC1C (pin 10) will be LOW, Kemudin when the water began to touch the lower level sensor, the output IC1C (pin10) remains LOW until the water touches the sensor level above, then the output IC1C (pin 10) going HIGH and active relay through Q1 and turn on the water pump to meguras reservoir. At the muli down and water level sensors for water untouched MKA IC1C output (pin 10) remains HIGH until the new water untouched semuasensor IC1C output (pin 10) LOW and water pump died. The series of automatic water pump controller is equipped with SW1 which serves to reverse the logic of drains (the output of IC1C) and the concept of water supplied (output dri IC1D). When SW1 is connected to IC1D the water pump will turn on when the water does not touch all the sensors and will die when all the sensors tesentuh water. Automatic water pump controller can be used to fill or drain the water according to which mode is selected via SW1.