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Audio Surround Decoder Circuit

The circuit schematic drawings Surround Audio Decoder and its components and how to make it ,Audio surround decoder circuit. Surround sound quality is the process of adding the audio source by increasing the number of speakers. This is done by producing audio multitracking in a way that can be issued on a multichannel speaker.

Audio Surround Decoder Circuit

Basically surround adopt an existing stereo system. The system uses a two-speaker stereo is right speaker and left speaker. With two speakers will be three-dimensional effect of the sound issued. With the surround, which generated three-dimensional effect was more extensive than in stereo. This is because the surround speakers that use more than two pieces. In addition to supporting the three-dimensional effects, stereo field theory is also noteworthy to organize the arrangement of sounds based on the type of sound produced.

Component List :

R1-2-7-8-12-13-18-19-20 : 47Kohm
R3-4-5-6-21-22-34-35    : 10Kohm
R9-10-11-14-15-16-17    : 15Kohm
R23-24-25-33-36         : 100ohm
R26-27-28-31-32         : 100Kohm
R29-30                  : 5.6Kohm
C1-8                    : 47uF/25V
C2-7-9-14-23            : 47nF
C3-6                    : 1uF/100V
C4-5-10                 : 33pF
C11-12-15               : 10uF/25V
C13                     : 82nF
C16                     : 18pF
C17                     : 100pF mini adjustable capacitor
C18                     : 2.2nF
C19                     : 4.7uF/25V
C20                     : 100nF
C21                     : 10nF
C22                     : 180pF
C24                     : 150nF
RV1-RV2                 : 2 X 10Kohm  Log. pot.
RV3-4                   : 10K Log pot.
D1                      : 1N4148
IC1-6                   : TL072
IC2-3                   : TL074
IC4                     : MN3101
IC5                     : MN3004

Surround effects can only be listened to speakers who have more than two channels. Surround is a technique commonly used in today's films that utilize multichannel speakers. Surround allows voice can move from side to side, is a moving side to side is to move from one speaker to another speaker. To create three-dimensional sound effects you can use a series of audio surround decoder.

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