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ADC 0804 Microcontroler Interface Engineering

Microcontroller Interface Engineering With ADC 0804
In ADC 0804 interface techniques with microcontrollers are pin-pin control must be controlled if we want to use the ADC with the microcontroller, there is value addition refferensi voltage to be supplied in 0804 ADC interface with a microcontroller, for example, we use the 0804 ADC (8 bit), if we give refferensi voltage 2.55 volts then we will get the increase of 1 bit to change 10 mVolt. Please note that the 0804 ADC pin on the leg that is form Vref Vref / 2, so to get a 10mV resolution is necessary for setting Vref / 2 equal to 1.275 V

The interface circuit microcontroller with ADC 0804

Mechanical interface microcontroller with ADC 0804
The steps in accessing data from the ADC 0804 by the microcontroller sebgai follows;

Enable ADC with signal 0 at the foot of Chip Select.
Give commands from conversion by providing a low pulse to the foot of the ADC Write narrow
Wait for the ADC issued a signal 0 from his leg INT
Give a moment of time delay for data from the ADC is correct
Give the read command by giving the signal 0 at the foot of ADC Read
Give a moment of time delay
Now data from the ADC is ready for use and if the microcontroller.

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