Sunday, March 11, 2012

6 to 15 Volt DC Converter

A very efficient 6V to 15V DC to DC converter using LM2585 is publicized at this time. LM2585 is a monolithic integrated voltage converter IC with the intention of can be situated used stylish various applications like flyback converters, boost converters, advance converters, multiple output converters and the rest. The circuit requires lowest possible amount of outdoor components and the IC can source up to 3A output current.
at this juncture the IC is wired for instance a boost converter somewhere resistors R1 and R2 are used to established the output voltage .The junction of R1 and R2 is connected to the comment pin of IC1. Capacitor C4 is the input filter while capacitor C1 the filter on behalf of output. set of contacts comprising of resistor R1 and capacitor C2 is intended for frequency compensation. Inductor L1 provisions the energy for acquiring boost conversion.

6 to 15 Volt DC Converter Circuit Schematic Diagram
6 to 15 Volt DC Converter

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