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3 Band Tone Control Circuit

3 Band Tone Control circuit uses an op-amp as an amplifier end. Tone Control circuit is a regulator of tone bass, midrange and treble or 3 band called because it can set the three tones. Filter circuit is applied to the series of "Tone Control 3 band" This type baxandal like the title of this article.

Results filtering regulator tone or tone control baxandal type is good, because there is no signal level is wasted directly into the ground. Range frequency tones generated from Tone Control 3 band was determined by the configuration of the R and C of the filter section baxandal. As an amplifier on Tone Control The set of three band use traditional IC LF351 has slewrate high and high input impedance. For more details, series 3 Band Tone Control as follows.

3 Band Tone Control Circuit Diagram

3 Band Tone Control Circuit

3 Band Tone Control circuit above using LF351 Op-Amp is used to strengthen the signal after filtering by the filter process baxandal. Level tone Bass, Midrange and Treble settings are determined by potensio R1, R2 and R3. Frequency filter in the circuit above baxandal to 50 Hz bass tone, tone Midrange 1 KHz and 10 KHz for Treble tone.

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