Wednesday, March 14, 2012

16 × 2 LCD Volt Meter & Ampere Meter With PIC

Volt meters & ampere meter with PIC can be used to measure voltage and current simultaneously. The series of volt meters & ampere meter with PIC16F876A PIC is used as a data processor voltage and current are measured. 

This circuit uses the viewer in the form of 16 × 2 LCD used for the data display voltage and current measurements. In the article volt meter and ampere meter with PIC are discussed kerannya limited to devices only. More detail can be seen from the image sequence volt meter and ampere meter with PIC below. 

The images of Volt Meter & Ampere Meter With PIC Circuit

Volt meters & ampere meter with PIC 


  1. Where is the code?

  2. well,we cant use this circuit unless we have the code. this circuit can be buyed but it cost 30$,they give you the code if u buy the package with pcb/parts..

  3. I would like to know why they even waist time posting these circuits here in the web without the code.... :@

  4. You can find this project another sites with code :-) You forget this site! There is this project with code, circuit diagram (better than this one, because that is the original, and consist the MCU input guard diodes with 5.1 V Zeners), and consist the panel draw :-)


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