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12V Lead Acid Battery Charger

The follow-on charge voltage is something like 14.4V, which is fine on behalf of charging a gelled before AGM battery to full up charge, but is too high point in the same way as a seep mount, so don't leave this charger permanently connected to a battery. If you would like to make sure of truthful to facilitate, in that case add a subsequent diode in vogue string with D3! at hand is a LED connected as a charge indicator. It hope against hope light after the charge current is senior than a propos 150mA. The utmost charge current will ensue roughly 400mA. in attendance is an supplementary output, with the aim of provides about 20V on thumbs down load (depending on input voltage), and comes down for example the load increases. I incorporated this designed for charging 12V, 4Ah NiCd packs, which require precisely a restricted current but not a limited voltage for charging.

12V Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit Schematic
12V Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit Schematic Diagram

document so as to if the charge output is abruptly-circuited, the overcurrent protection of U2 command kick arrived, but the current is still soprano an adequate amount of to impairment the diodes, if it lasts. So, don't short the output! If in its place you short the assisting output, the fuse be supposed to blow. I built this steed into a slight home-grown aluminum sheet corral, using dull-bug construction variety. Not very tidy, but it machinery. take notice of the elongated leads on the power resistors. They are needed, as with shorter leads the resistors long for unsolder themselves, to the same extent they contract pretty intense! The transistors and the control device IC are bolted to the indictment, which serves as stage sink. The transistors don't heat up very much, but the IC does.