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12 Volt DC Power Suplly Adaptor

This series of images you can apply to make an adapter or power suplly with the output voltage (V DC output 12V). Power supply in the only protected by a capacitor as a safety if the power supply is connected to the load on the circuit.

So I recommend using 35V capacitor with a minimum specification. The security of power supply to power the more we can menggunakkan transistor TIP, but I have not discussed it. To the diode bridge can be compiled from the 4 then you solder the diode bridge rectifier into one or you can buy a bridge rectifier so that the comb-shaped (sideways) or the box. At least I would suggest using a diode bridge 1 Ampere, in a series of adapters, the bigger the better course of ampere diode current in the circuit. Diodes like toll roads, and current as a car passing by. The larger and the width of the existing highway, the faster the flow of runs and through the circuit.

For the circuit power supply 5 V, you can change the volt regulator on the type 7805 and 7905. This application applies equally in this series. For variations such as fuse or circuit switch on / off you can try it yourself.
Transformer 18 V + - 1 A minimum CT
Minimum of 35 V + Capacitor

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