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TV Vertical Protectors

Vertical Protectors (another term surge protector or Vertical CRT Neck Guard or protector) . If the vertical deflection does not work, then the raster will glow a horizontal line. This can cause the picture tube phosphor layer was destroyed by fire when the aircraft be kept alive in the long term.

There are several types of system protectors, vertical relationships:
  • Protector surge protector is connected with x-ray to the horizontal which will trigger the horizontal oscillator is not working
  • Protectors gets connected to microcontrol that will trigger the "power off" so that the plane will turn off automatically or plane alive but raster becomes dark (brightnes level down).
TV Vertical Protectors
Vertical Protect
The workings of the system-vertical surge protector that can be found there are several kinds:

  • Using sampling pulses from vertical-out IC which is connected to  microcontrol . If  microcontrol  not receive these pulses the surge protector will work.
  • Using a sampling of the voltage supply Vcc-vertical IC connected to the IC  microcontrol  using a diode. In the normal kondidi no voltage on the pin-IC  microcontrol  protection. If the supply voltage Vcc or a short break then the voltage on the pin- microcontrol protection will come short to ground through the diode and trigger protection to actively work
  • Using the IC supply current sampling vertical-out that will actively work if the current exceeds supply. As the sensor protector installed here a series resistor and a transistor in the supply line where it works similar to the OCP.
Problems or possibilities that may cause the protector of vertically-active work:
  • Vertical IC-out short (broken)
  • No voltage supply to the vertical IC-out.
  • Vertical lines of the IC pulse-out to any part  microcontrol  broken or damaged
  • Vertical deflection section does not work (damage to the IC)