Sunday, April 10, 2016

50W Car Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

50W Car Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit
The Car Subwoofer Amplifier 50W Circuit was posted by the side of trendy kind Amplifier. Please examine carefully and look on circuit design pictures of Car Subwoofer Amplifier 50W Circuit to catch aspect in sequence.
50W Circuits Car Subwoofer Amplifier
50W Circuits Car Subwoofer Amplifier 

This car stereo amplifier with TDA1562Q  output 50W of audio power can using for car subwoofer system.
Complete Component list  :
2 resistors 1 KOhms
2 resistors 4,7 KOhms
2 resistors 100 KOhms
2 resistors 1 MOhms
4 capacitors 470 nF LCC 63V
4 capacitors 10 µF 63V radiaux
6 capacitors 4 700 µF 25V radiaux
2 capacitors 100 nF LCC
1 capacitor 10.000µF 25V radial
2 x LED
2 x TDA1562Q
2 switches unipolaires
2 heatsink (Rth < 2.5°C/W) (+ pasta termica)

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