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TV Remote Tester Circuit

The circuit is very effective to test the remote controls what still works or not, the remote record will be tested using infra red. Examples of the TV remote, AC and others. Please try I am sure 100% will be successful.

TV Remote Tester Circuit Diagram

TV Remote Tester Circuit
TV  Remote Tester Circuit

The workings of the circuit is very simple, when the infra red sensor receive infrared signals pin 2 sensor will produce a voltage, this voltage will drives the PNP transistor so that the LED lamp and piezo disc (BZ) is active. for the power supply you can use a 9 volt battery and then use IC 7805 or use 1.5 volt batteries x 3

Following the specification of components installed
Transistor BC557
TSOP 1738 Sensor Infra Red
R1 = 10k ohm ¼ watt Resistor
R2 = 1k ohm ¼ watt Resistor
R3 = 1k ohm ¼ watt Resistor
BZ = piezo disc

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