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Tube Power Amplifier 35W Push Pull

Tube Power Amplifier 35W Push Pull is made using a tube and eventually compiled configuration push-pull amplifier. Tube Power Amplifier 35W Push Pull tube til it using EL-34 as the amplifier end.
In the power amplifier that is made with a tube at a glance looks simple because the use of active components that are not complex. It should be noted that the use of tubes in Tube Power Amplifier 35W Push Pull require a high voltage supply, therefore in the process of making and finishing must be careful of high voltage and radiation. Detailed series of Tube Power Amplifier 35W Push Pull can be seen in the following figure.

Tube Power Amplifier Series 35W Push Pull

Sign Components Tube Power Amplifier 35W Push Pull
R1 = 470K 0.5 W
R2-5 = 2K2 0.5W
R3 = 150K 0.5W
R4 = 220K 0.5W
R6-10 = 56K 0.5W
R7 = 3.9K 0.5W
R8 = 220R 0.5W
R9 = 1M 0.5W
R11 = 39K 1W
R12-23 = 180K 0.5W
R13-21 = 820K 0.5W
R14-22 = 5K6 0.5W
R15-20 = 680K 0.5W
R16-19 = 100K 0.5W
R17-18 = 3K3 1W
R24 = 470R 2W
TR1-2 = 470R 1W Variable (adj. 270Ω)
C1-3-6-7 = 0.1uf 630V
C2 = 220pF 600v
C4-5 = 16uF 550V
C8-9 = 0.1uF 630V
C10-14 = 0.47uF 630V
C11-13 = 25uF 40V
V1 = E80CC
V2 = E80CC
V3-4 = EL34
Rectifier tube = Z2C
Audio Transformer for T1 = 2x EL34 Push Pull
Power amplifier with tubes often become the choice for a small slewrate so that the resulting audio quality is guaranteed. Tube Power Amplifier 35W in the circuit that is required to supply a high DC voltage is +220 VDC ddengan order to work properly.

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