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Transistor As a timer circuit

Basically on all timer or timer circuit utilizing most of the basic characteristics of the capacitor.

Transistor As a timer circuit

 The basic characteristic is the process of filling and discharge that occurs in the capacitor. The length of time charging and release depends on the value of the capacitor.

If we observe the above circuit, the light will immediately switch SW1 turns on when we plug it into potensio VR1, this is because the current flowing from VR1 to trigger the transistor base should fill the first capacitor C1. Semakian large capacitance value of C1 then the longer the time required by the transistor to turn on the lights. Then if we connect it to the Ground SW1 then light would soon die and the capacitor will immediately clear the cargo. So can we draw the conclusion that the transistor can be used as a timer circuit using capacitor charging and discharging properties.

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