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Toggle Switch with IR

Toggle switch in this article is a series of toggle switches that are controlled by infrared light. The series toggle switch is made from a combination of data flip-flop CD4013 2 units. Receiver circuit of the infrared light signals arranged with infrared receiver as found on television remote receiver. Infrared signal from remote is used as clock signals and data to the data flip-flop first. then the second flip-flop data set as a toggle flip-flop toggle the output signal is used to drive the relay. for more details can be seen in thethe following image .

Toggle switch with Infra Red IR

Series Toggle Switch With Infra Red (IR) that is required to supply voltage range of 12VDC and the output of Toggle Switch With Infra Red (IR) is dapt used to turn on the lights or other electronic devices with DC or AC voltage source. Series Toggle Switch With Infra Red (IR) was isolated from the load that is placed for use as the final relay.

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