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TDA7000 Single Chip FM Radio

This fm radio series fm radio receiver circuit that uses a single ic TDA.

Quite easy to make this fm radio circuit, where all functions can be done by IC TDA, so we only add to the technical components only. External components are intended to support so you can determine its own range of frequencies to be used. Actually if you want to have the radio equipment are satisfactory you can buy a radio market. Now this type of radio is very varied and the prices varying as well. To be sure with the money of 30 thousand you can get the fm radio with satisfactory quality. Because now the most sold radio is using digital functions, unlike the more dominant is the first transistor radio. But if you are a hobby with experimental electronics, not the rupiah value but which you consider the value of their knowledge.

For the working principle of this circuit does not really exist that must be addressed because all the functions already performed by the internal circuit is ic TDA. That if we do a surgical series is in the ic, the result will not be much different circuits fm radio receiver in general.

Component List:
1. IC TDA 7000
2. Resistor: 100 Kohm, 22 Kohm 100 Kohm and potensio
3. Capacitors: 39 pF, 37 pF, 220 nF, 22 nF, 10 nF, 180 pF, 150 pF, 100 nF, 330 pF, 220 pF, 3.3 nF, 330 pF, 3.3 pF, 220 nF, 1.8 nF, 1.8 nF, 25-50 pF
4. Inductors: 56 NH (2 pieces)
5. Loudspeaker
6. Antenna

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