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Car Subwoofer Power Amplifier

This is circuit of Car Subwoofer Power Amplifier 15W BTL stereo channel audio power amplifier based IC TA 8215 residential by Toshiba. modish this power amplifier circuit, two TA 8215 ICs are used. This is pro obtaining four channels with the aim of is two channels from both IC. TA 8215 is an IC with power amplifier stages and preamplifier integrated inside Subwoofer Car Power Amplifier.

The power supply necessary for this Subwoofer Car Power Amplifier is single 12 against DC supply. The upper limit output power delivered from all channel of this amplifier is 15 W to a 4 ohm presenter and and so the dub 4×15 W power amplifier.

Subwoofer Car Power Amplifier circuit

R1 with R2 forms a voltage partition with the aim of attenuates the input indicator by 24dB. taking into consideration the flaw's 50dB advance, that still leaves 26dB overall gain, vaguely extra than as much as necessary to fully oversupply the amplifier what time the sound license plant next to maximal output. C1 blocks DC on the preamplifier input. C2 is the ground return of the advice circuit. These two capacitors need to ensue in vogue the ratio exposed, in order to suppress switching clicks whilst powering the circuit on and inedible. The output pins 15 and 16 are connected immediately to the orator, while C7, R6, C8 and R7 provide the proper load period shifting to take avoiding action eminent frequency instability.

The power supply is decoupled with a fairly minute 100uF capacitor. so as to's sufficient in favor of superior frequency decoupling, and on let down frequencies anyway the greater capacitors taking part in the PC power supply are fine. Pins 10 and 17 supply the power amplifiers, while pin 9 provides power to the pre stages. This power is filtered by C3. The power control pin 4 allows to go home for the day down the amplifier, an option not used at this juncture, so it's together to 12V. Pin 1 is a muting input, and not used, and gone candid.

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