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Running LED with 4017

Running LED with 4017 complete with PCB layout. The series of 8 LED current is the basis for creating an 8-point LED. Slightly different from the running LED with IC 4017 (decade counter), 8 running this led is lit in sequence, but that has been previously flame does not die when the led is lit afterwards. 8 led to death after led to the fire-8. Meanwhile in the running LED (decade counter), the system LED lights like "point", there is only one LED that flashes between the tenth led.

Running LED with 4017

The main component is the IC 74LS164 (SHIFT REGISTER), with its timer is astable multivibrator circuit (using IC NE555).

The series will be more efficient when using a stable power supply (regulator) using IC Regulator 7805. Under this scheme a series of stable power supply 5 volts dc.

rangkaian LED berjalan PCB layout

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  1. ay grabe mali mali ang layout mo pambihira