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Reducing Treble tone circuit

Treble reducer circuit above is an example of a simple circuit and is suitable to be used as experimental material and analysis of the workings of the circuit. 

As I mentioned earlier the bass reducer series, this series actually has the same working principles with a series of bass reducer. Where these circuits utilize capacitors nature of the charge and discharge. The difference of the damping function obtained from the difference of the capacitor. If the series bass reducer series capacitors are mounted on the op-amp input lines, while in this treble reducer series capacitors are mounted parallel with the strengthening of the op-amp prisoners. Installation of this circuit has a parallel in the work analysis in contrast with the installation of the series on a series of bass reducer. The difference is that the installation of the series, so we URLs that are easy to understand how a wire working capacitors for high frequency signal, so with high frekuesni so automatic signal to be passed to the output terminal by a capacitor. But if we put a parallel between the output capacitor with the terminals, then automatically because the capacitor is considered as a wire so the voltage on the capacitor is near 0 volts, so the output voltage will also follow the voltage on the capacitor because they connect parallel. As with the low frequency signal, the capacitor is considered open and makes voltage wire that fell to him is to approach the input voltage. To understand how the capacitor can be regarded as a wire or an open switch I mentioned in my post about the working principles of capacitors and a series of bass reducer.

Indeed, when examined in detail, not only the capacitors that play a role here but the component resistors and op-amp also affect. But I can confirm that the main function is performed by a capacitor reduction. Series resistors are intended to be installed that will flow into the capacitor can be adjusted so that it influences the charge and discharge the capacitor will make the appropriate damping.

Take a look at the picture above the treble reducer circuit and also the image output signal. There are two function generator as input and has a signal with different frequencies. The first signal of amplitude 1 volt and low frequencies, the two signals with an amplitude of 1 volt and with high frequency. At the time of our input select switch position to the relationship with the input low frequency signal, the signal output will be nearly equal to the input signal such as no change. Whereas if we switch position to link high-frequency input signal then the output signal amplitude will be damped near 0 volts.

Example treble reducer circuit is very simple and can you develop more in accordance with the desires and your needs. At least with understanding the working principle of this circuit we can apply a time when we are required to perform the function of damping trebele.

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