Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pressure sensor (MPX4100)

The pressure sensor (MPX4100) MPX4100 is a pressure sensor that is equipped with signal conditioning circuit and temperature calibrator makes this sensor stable against temperature changes. For this sensor measurement accuracy using micro-machine techniques, thin film metalization and bipolar semiconductor process.

Pressure sensor (MPX4100)

With the signal conditioning circuit, this sensor can connect direct on Analogue to Digital Converter. Signal conditioning circuit generate analog voltage with Full Scale (Full Scale) to 5 Volt. This sensor has the ability to detect the pressure of 15 to 115 kilo Pascal and work under pressure difference between P1 and P2. P1 or Pressure Side consists of gel fluorisilicone that protect it from the objects hard. Pressure sensors on robotic applications are often used as feedback mechanic in which the system microcontroller can detect mechanical condition at the time it. For example to detect strong or weak grip of the robot calculates burden placed on the robot.

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