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Multiplexer Circuit With Logic Gate

Multiplexer circuit with a logic gate is a multiplexer circuit that utilizes a combination of logic gates.
Where the above example can be seen that the circuit has 2 bit selector and 4 input lines. You can make a circuit with more input channels by increasing the number of bits of the selector. And also you can use a combination of gates based on your own design with reference to the previous multiplexer truth table you should specify. So by making a truth table in advance you can easily create a series of logic gates.

Multiplexer Circuit With Logic Gate

The working principle of the multiplexer circuit above is:

1. Value of bit 00 from the selector will choose the path of the first input as the output
2. Value of bit 01 of the selector will choose the path of the second input as output
3. Value of bit 10 of the selector selects the third input lines as output
4. Value of bit 11 of the selector will choose the four input channels as output
5. As long as there is no change in the bit selector logic condition of the output logic state also will not be amended.
6. If the line selector is connected with a series of counter-up the output to be obtained will represent the input lines in sequence.
7. So it can be concluded that the usefulness of the implementation of a multiplexer function is to satisfy the principle of a simple data distribution. Thus, with multiplexers is possible to transmit data remotely using only one connection.

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