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Make a series letters from the LED

Make a series letters from the LED , Things to consider before making the sign of the LED array,
1) Use LED nodes.
2) Paint the top of the PCB with a dark color (black).
3) Note the LED specifications. In this experiment use a 5mm diameter LED nodes
that emit red, specification voltage of 3 volts.

The assembly of LED:
1) One letter composed at most 5 columns and 7 rows.
2) One column mostly composed by 6 LEDs are arranged series.
3) Then the fifth column are connected in parallel.
4) Each column given the constraints, Rx, which amount depends on the number of LEDs in one column and depends also on the type of LED (in this experiment that used LED 5mm in diameter, clear with red light beam).
5) In a column consisting of 6 LEDs, Rx = 330 ohm, 5 LEDs, Rx = 560 Ohms, 4 LEDs, Rx = 680 Ohms
Remember, this provision applies to 5 mm LED red light beam nodes.
6) Every letter was given FCS9013 transistor amplifier.

Here is one letter LED scheme.
Make a series letters from the LED

Medium picture below is the lay out of the 2-letter nameplate. To make the sign 8 letter, copied from a second stay this letter.

Make a series letters from the LED

Example of LED on the letters A and B:

Make a series letters from the LED

Value Rx in the first and the fifth column (letter A) of 560 ohms, because it consists of 5 LEDs are arranged series. Rx in the second column, third, and fourth, amounting to 680 ohms because it consists of two LEDs.
Rx first column letter B, 330 ohms. Rx second column, third, fourth, and fifth at 680 ohms.

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