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Loudspeaker Driver Circuit

The series of loudspeaker drivers are electronic circuits that function to bridge between high-output circuit with a loudspeaker berimpedasi berimpedansi low. 

Loudspeaker Driver Circuit

Why this driver is needed so that the output voltage to be inserted into the loudspeaker is not impaired. Declining value of this voltage is very possible given the lack of rules regarding the distribution of voltage and resistance instead of parallel. Where every prisoner that is placed parallel with other prisoners or the inmates totally substitute for detainee custody is smaller than with individual prisoners themselves. For example, 10 ohm resistance 10 ohms paralleled with the prisoners would get custody instead of 5 ohms. Resistivity 10 ohm to 100,000 ohm paralleled the total resistance is 9.9990 ohms. So it can be concluded that the total voltage will always be smaller than the origin of each detainee. Then, with a decrease in resistance (only using a combination of resistors) or the impedance of the output terminals before, then in accordance with the laws of the voltage divider in series can be ascertained that the prisoners connect in series with output terminal will have a larger part of the voltage and output terminal itself will decline voltage.

The working principle speaker driver circuit is actually very simple and easy to understand. Where the input signal is only used as a trigger to move the second driver transistor to the rhythm of the input signal. While the current that would flow to the loudspeaker most of the power supply driver circuit. You could say similar to the use of transistors as switches. Therefore, in this speaker series driver not found a combination of resistors for reinforcement. So if we look at the picture above, so most of the current flowing in the loudspeaker load is derived from the 9 volt supply voltage, instead of the input ac signal, so that the input signal will not be burdened.

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