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IC 555 Tester Circuits

555 timer tester is a simple circuit that serves to test the condition of IC 555. 555 timer circuit tester, in principle, start the timer 555 in astable multivibrator mode. As an indicator of the status of the timer 555 good condition or damaged to use 2 pieces LED which will light up in a blink alternately when the timer 555 in good condition. And only one will turn on or off all the timer 555 when the condition is broken. 555 timer circuit tester is powered using 9 Volt DC voltage source.

Complete circuit tester 555 as follows.  

How to use 555 timer tester is in conjuction with IC 555 to test the existing IC socket according to the order button. Then activate the power switch to begin testing the 555 timer ic. Then live we observe the LED indicators 2 before, whether flashing alternately (good) or not blink or even die all (timer 555 damaged).


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