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High-power amplifiers

By organizing the annual CES 2010, Pass Laboratories has recently introduced a new device that is X260.5 mono-block power amplifiers.
X260.5 offers a power output of 260W and comes with the Super-Symmetry topology features that can improve performance by adjusting the characteristic value of balancing and damping amplifier distortion / interference.

High-power amplifiers

X260.5 device brings all the sonic advantages of mono-block operation for A / B high-power amplifiers in a physical package that can be managed device is half the physical size and weight of the device X600.5 Class D mono-block power.

Simple physical size, weight that can be managed and high strength coupled with great performance make this device as the Pass Laboratories ideal power-amp in any system that refers to a 2-channel and multi-channel format.

In addition, it also brings flexibility X260.5 combination for consumers who already have a device Pass Laboratories Stereo amp and want to add an additional channel power amplifier that is suitable sonic Laboratories Pass that complements other devices that have been there before.

As a stand-alone product, X260.5 device is truly amazing. And its existence at this time will quench the thirst of customers with ease. Equilibrium dynamics coupled with tonal accuracy and spectral balance that provides live music by presenting a taste of the extraordinary closeness.

Pass Labs X260.5 is capable of processing and increase the power transformer and an AC EMI filters, high-speed/soft recovery rectifiers in parallel, the capacitor power supply that is more parallel and supply RC filtering, improvements to the forefront of the input circuit, and the addition of Clas A bias circuit single. This amplifier offers one RCA inputs and one XLR input connectors. And for those who are interested, you can gain amplifier device is worth 11000 USD or about 110 million dollars per pair. Wow, a fantastic price!

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