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FM Modulator with IC 555

FM Modulator circuit is a simple FM modulation circuit using IC 555, where the resulting modulated signal has a tenuous meeting depends on the signal frequency information. 

FM Modulator with IC 555 circuit

FM Modulator with IC 555 schematics

The resulting signal can be spelled out quite nice and stable so that the result will be more perfect. No winding or inductor in series modulator, so you do not need to bother to make a winding and calculate the value of the coil that you created it. With this circuit the desired value of frequency modulation can be obtained easily by calculating the frequency of IC 555 in general, which is determined by the resistor 6.8 K and 3.3 K and 0.1 UF capacitor. To obtain the other frequencies of your stay replace one or all three components.

Actually fm modulator ic 555 circuit is very simple though, but I think it reliable enough to handle a simple application purposes that do not require a big power or a very high frequency. But if you want more power you can add the RF amplifier circuit at the output of this circuit. Thus, the results of modulated signal can be amplified with the help of a series of supporters. In accordance with my experimental series modulators can work well at frequencies below the MHz range, because it is not IC IC 555 which is devoted to support of a very high frequency. You can use oscilltor transistor circuit, XTAL or others if you need a very high frequency.

The difference circuit with IC 555 on the multivibrator circuit in general is the use of pin 5, on the FM Modulator circuit is pin 5 of IC 555 is used as input information signal, which in turn will influence the shape of the output signal (modulated). But in applying this 5 pin multivibrator functions normally associated with 0.01 UF capacitor or left alone.

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