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Basic Principles of the LC resonance circuit

If so far you are still confused how the actual origin of the resonance between the capacitor and the inductor is in progress, then the simple circuit above will answer your confusion.

Basic Principles of the LC resonance circuit

By understanding a simple electrical circuit above hopefully we will be able to understand the working principle of a series of more complicated and complex that uses the relationship as a series inductor and capacitors transmitter and receiver.

Note the picture above, when the switch SW1 is pressed and released back then obtained by the same signal as in the picture above signal. Initially when SW1 is connected to the voltage supply, the capacitor will make filling fast. Then when SW1 is released charge on the capacitor will be used by the inductor as the supply voltage. In accordance with the general nature of the inductor that the DC signal will be considered ordinary wire inductor such that current flowing quickly through the inductor and the charge on the capacitor decreases rapidly exhausted. Uniquely current that was flowing through the inductor and capacitor will fill the empty capacitor back through the other terminal (negative cycle). Charging kapasior place quickly, then inductor will burden the back so that emptying of cargo going back. That so happens repeatedly (resonance occurs between L and C) until the electrical charge had been used up by these two components in the form of power losses. Equations between regular wire inductor is the inductor with wire work as usual at the time of current flowing to him. Inductors But unlike ordinary wire when current flows to him and vice versa. So it will not happen short circuit if the inductor to get the supply voltage alternating current (AC). But in ordinary wire short circuit will still occur even if the voltage of alternating current.

From the above analysis we can conclude that the LC resonance occurs because one component part affected by the characteristics of other components. For frequencies generated depend on the value of L and C itself. The greater the value of both the frequency will be smaller and smaller the value of both the frequency value will be even greater.

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