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Altium Designer 10.0 – Free Download

A unified electronic product development solution Altium Designer is the world’s first and only unified electronic product development system that allows engineers to take a design from concept to completion within a single application.

Don’t limit your design horizons. Get yourself out of the traditional design box and into holistic design. Use all the available technologies and devices to bring your ideas to life and turn them into the smart, connected products that we’ll all be using tomorrow.

Altium Designer 10.0

Altium Designer 10.0

That’s what Altium Designer is all about – freeing you from the constraints of traditional design limitations and the old “divide and conquer” approach. Altium Designer provides one single unified solution for the entire design process. It allows you to explore and do more, do it in new ways, and design things that haven’t even been thought of yet. Think and design beyond the confines of the device itself and start designing your customer’s total product experience.

That’s next-generation electronics design. That’s Altium Designer.

The entire product development process with a single unified design solution A single solution to develop hardware, programmable hardware and software Take designs from concept to manufacture within a single unified environment A single model of the design data, and a single design data storage system

Freely explore design concepts ‘on-the-fly’ Explore devices from different vendors with minimal design reengineering Easily explore design concepts and options before committing to final hardware Use IP from any source, without being restricted to vendor-specific ‘sticky IP’

Rapidly prototype using a live, interactive hardware development system Develop, explore and debug designs on real hardware, in real-time with ‘LiveDesign’ Harness the full potential of reprogrammable devices with soft-centric design Change software and hardware with equal ease and on-the-fly

Smooth the path from design to board layout and manufacture Single centralized data source simplifies version control and component management Visualize and interact with board designs in real-time 3D, within the PCB editor Seamless collaboration with MCAD designers and other engineering teams

Easily connect to wider company systems Single access point for all design data simplifies links for data management systems Plug-in capability and built-in interfaces for external data management All involved in product development process access one design environment

Be equipped for the future with the latest design technologies Expand existing skill sets while harnessing the latest devices and techniques Make soft design and the creation of device intelligence the focus of design Immediately access new technology through consistent and frequent updates

Be productive right ‘out-of-the-box’ All tools and technologies in the box, including parts libraries and royalty-fee IP No need to purchase costly add-ons to make a complete solution Continually updated with latest devices and technologies

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