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Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3

Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3 is an alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting levels of alcohol directly, for example on our breath.
Alcohol Sensor MQ-3 has high sensitivity and fast response time. Alcohol Sensor MQ-3 series drivers for alcohol Sensor MQ-3 is very simple, only need 1 piece of variable resistors. Output of Sensor MQ-3 alcohol in the form of an analog voltage that is proportional to the alcohol content is received. The necessary interface is quite simple, can use the ADC that can respond to voltage 0 volt - 3.3 volt saja.Nilai mounted resistors must be differentiated for various types of gas concentration. So need to be calibrated to 0.4 mg / L (about 200ppm) concentrations of alcohol in the air and on the output resistance of about 200K (100K to 470K)

Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3
Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3

Featured Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3:

  • Sensitivity to high alcohol and low on gasoline
  • Fast response and high sensitivity
  • Stable and durable
  • 5VDC or AC voltage source
  • Operating Temperature -10 70 degree C samapai
  • Current consumption less than 750mW

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