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TDA2005 Power Amplifier circuit

TDA2005 Power Amplifier circuit

There is a circuit of audio amplifer 80W as well, using IC TDA 2005 as a base circuit amplifier. The circuit of 2x40 Watt Audio Power Amplifier using TDA2005 can you see in the picture below.

TDA2005 2 X 40 Watt Power Amplifier

Technical Data:
Performance of TDA2005M:  2 x 40 watts (stereo) into 4 Ohms.
Distortion: Approx. 0.2% at 4 Watts into 4 ohm load.
Frequency Range: Approx. 20 Hz to 22 KHz.
Input Sensitivity: Approx. maximum 150 mV rms. .
Power supply: + 8 to 18 volts, approx. 3.5 Amps maximum per channel.

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    1. The description for this circuit is incorrect. The TDA2005 is only capable of 10 watts per channel (in stereo mode).In order to get 40watts per channel, you must bridge 4 of the together (2 left, 2 right).

  2. The description for this schematic design is in accurate. The TDA2005 is only capable of 19 watts per channel. To make a 40-watt stereo amplifier using the TDA2005 you need to bridge 4 of them together in one circuit (2left and 2 right)