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400Watt Power output - High Power Mosfet Amplifier

High Power Amplifier Mosfet 400W . These amplifiers circuit can be used for virtually any application that requires high performance, low use Noise, distortion and excellent sound quality. Examples would be subwoofer amplifier should FOH stage Amplifiers, surround a canal a very powerful sound amplifier, etc. The 400W MOSFET-amplifier has four key stages of amplification. We are looking to start any Phase appropriate detail.

Circuit Diagram 400W MOSFET Amplifier
400Watt Power output - High Power Mosfet Amplifier

As the name suggests All Q ,C and ZD the Bias and buffer phases. Its main goal is to provide a stable MOSFET Gates and offset voltage and the voltage buffer amplifier stage of the High Resource capacity. What would have without the phase response and the effect Slew rate is indeed very bad. The flip side of the coin is not the extra step Introduction of an additional dominant pole in the amplifier feedback loop.

Also to what the name suggests this stage converts the voltage developed in the VAS and provides all the amps required to drive at 8 or 4 ohms. 2-ohm loads are possible for several minutes at a time. In fact, I have tested more than 1600 1kW amplifier Watts RMS at 2 ohms. But that would not be recommended as a long-term exposure at all. If it is higher than the figures of the STI-amp. Power to the AV amplifier 800 The components of the power for this amplifier are as follows, and are favored A channel or a power module alone. 1 toroidal transformer with a rating of 1kVA. Primary windings are made to fit.

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  1. Fatal error ... Do you own seen the error in the scheme , a transistor is misidentified , Q8 is a Japanese type PNP transistor 2SB but in the scheme has a polarity NPN .. it will correct the error and see if there are other . Alfihry from Algeria.

    1. Sory sir , the circuit diagram is incorrect sb is PNP transistor