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150 watts power amplifier circuit

Amplifier circuit is 150 watts power amplifier circuit is quite simple.
This circuit requires only 5 pieces of transistors as the main component of reinforcement. There is no equalizer option on this amplifier circuit because it can be said of this series is very simple, so do not you compare it with that sold in the market which are usually equipped with various sound system and equalizer settings. 

But to add to your collection circuit, this circuit is fairly easy and inexpensive to make and maybe one day you may need as a weak signal booster from your electronic circuit. Or you can also make this amplifier as an amplifier of high frequency signal from the output circuit animal repellent and I guarantee the results are very satisfactory.

150 watts power amplifier circuit

Power supply required is two-polarity power supply is + - 45 volts. Maximum power that can be obtained by this amplifier circuit is around 150 watts. As the volume control you can add potensio or variable resistor 10 Kohm in series at the input. Use dispasi loudspeaker with 150 watts power. Use a heatsink on the transistor-transistor driver loudspeaker or amplifier late as Q1 and Q2.

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