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1.3V DC to 12.2V DC Regulator Power Supply

Power supply circuit to generate output below were variations between 1.3V DC to 12.2V DC with 1A current.
In addition, the power supply circuit is also equipped with over-current protection or shield against belebih flow. Power supply circuit is very simple, but the quality is quite good, made her basiskan regulator IC LM723 is a pretty legendary.

1.3V DC to 12.2V DC Regulator Power Supply

R2 to set the output voltage. The maximum current is determined by R3, over-current protection circuit inside the LM723 to detect the voltage on R3, if it reaches 0.65 V, the voltage output will be off her. So the current through R3 can not exceed 0.65 / R3 although output short-circuit in his.

C3 and C4 are ceramic capacitors, as much as possible directly soldered to the PCB, this is because the LM723 is prone to oscillation that is not cool.

LM723 works with 9.5V input voltage to 40 V DC and the LM723 can generate its own current of 150mA when the output voltage is not more than 6-7V under input voltage.

Output (value estimated):

Vmin = (R4 + R5) / (R5 * 1.3)
Vmax = (7.15 / R5) * (R4 + R5)

Imax = 0.65/R3

Max. Power on R3: 0.42/R3

Min. DC Input Voltage (pin 12 to pin 7): Vmax + 5

Component List:
B1 40V/2.5A
C1 2200uF (3300uF even better)
C2 4.7uF
C3 100nF
C4 1NF
C5 330nF
C6 100uF
Green LED D1
D2 1N4003
F1 0.2A F
F2 2A M
IC1 LM723 (in a DIL14 plastic package)
R1 1k
R2 Pot. 5k
R3 0.56R/2W

R4 3.3k
R5 4.7k
S1 250V/1A
T1 2N3055 on a heatsink 5K / W
TR1 220V/17V/1.5

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