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USB Power Injector

Create USB PowerInjector for GSM Modem Maximizing and stabilization USB voltage .

USB Power InjectorSometimes we need also to extend the USB cable connection. Usually cable so the store is no more or less than one meter. If the cable is good quality automatic reduction of voltage and current remain so flash media or a modem to function remained normal.

Sometimes the two media are not readable because of a decline in flow due to cable resistance is very large, so that lost power wasted.

usb injector circuit
USB injector circuit

If this happens often flash or USB modem off often error-disconnected. To overcome this decrease in voltage performance. The principle is quite very simple. You simply "inject" is indeed voltage VCC 5VDC needed a modem or a flash.
finishing usb injector
Finishing USB inject

After using the USB power injector is expected regardless of the length of external cable fixed voltage maximum. The principle works is simple enough original 5VDC voltage of the CPU / your computer off and then injected external voltage that has been prepared. IC (integrated circuits) AN 7805 was instrumental once that is out and stabilize the voltage between 4.8 to 5.2 VDC and the current required at least 500mA.

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