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Treatment LCD monitor

Treatment LCD Monitor. At this time computer use familiar and already widely used either for work or entertainment. And of course when talking about computers it will not be far away with a device called a monitor. And today use CRT monitors have started to decrease with the LCD Monitor that despite having a price that is quite expensive but have many advantages than conventional CRT monitors.

Here are a few advantages of LCD monitor is a stylish design, flat screen and a brighter color than convex or crt monitor screen, while also LCD Monitors have many advantages among which have a high resolution so that it can help many people especially those working Visual design field.

There are some special treatment for LCD monitors in this case is for the treatment of LCD monitors, the following are some steps steps:

Use the LCD as needed, Do not use if you do not need so-necessary and do not use it 24 hours nonstop jedanya have no time for any electronic item there during his lifetime (Lifetime). Turn off your LCD monitor when your computer dies, in order to save electricity and also keeps your LCD monitor remain durable.
Use the type that has a grounding electrical power, because it can minimize the damage in the event of lightning strikes. This option is optional.
Perform regular cleaning, at least 2 weeks 1 times, for LCD monitors are always in a state clear of dust and other debris. Remember! to clean it must use a very soft cloth that has spread with a special liquid cleaners LCD monitor. If necessary you can buy special equipment to clean the LCD monitor.
Do not engage in cleanup activities in the state of electricity is still flowing, unplug all cables available on the LCD to avoid things that are not desired. The existence of water coming into the series of LCD monitors will be able to cause fatal damage.
Keep the LCD of the things that contain water such as rain water, drinking water etc.. Because all electronic goods electrical short circuit will occur if water enters into the electronic components.
Keep the LCD of goods containing such magnetic sound system, Persani, HP etc. signals. Because it will be fatal is going to happen Noise or damage which may destroy the layout on the monitor screen.
LCD Save a strategic place and safe from the reach of small children, so that you can not avoid tersenggol LCD or a small toy.
Unplug all cables associated with the computer (including LCD) in the event of rain accompanied by lightning, because lightning can be grabbed via the antenna propagate through the cable TV and electricity.
To protect the screen / LCD screen can use the Screen Protector function prevents dust entry into the LCD and also take care of all sorts of scrapes. Remember to choose the screen protector is not a trace when reopened.
If there is damage to your LCD monitors, LCD submit to the experts. Do not disassemble itself without accompanied by experts in the field of electronics. Module Components including LCD monitors that can be easily damaged. LCD Monitor Service you to the service center to ensure the improvement is good and right.
Good article on the LCD monitor is beneficial treatment.

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