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Tips for caring power supply units

tips merawat komputerPower Supply on a computer is an energy source that drives the computer you. With power supply, hardware on the computer is given "power" to can work in accordance with their respective functions Power Supply on a computer to work as a flow modifier (Adapter) from AC current into DC. 

Power supply is working on 2 pieces of 5-volt DC voltage and 12 Volt. In a power supply, voltage 12 volt is usually characterized with a yellow cable, while the voltage is 5 Volt is marked with cable red.

PSU schematics

Tips to maintain power supply in order to remain durable

1. Make sure you buy the power supply to suit your computer needs. Buy power supply that is guaranteed quality.

2. Make sure when you install a power supply on your computer already in the correct position. Make a tightening of the socket-outlet power supply to the motherboard, hard drive, CDRom, etc.. If you do the installation is not correct it will be fatal and can be a fire or a short-circuit will occur on your hardware.

3. Check your power supply voltages in the BIOS Hardware Monitor or Hardware Management. Is it permissible range qualified. If it does not fit will usually be marked with red writing.

4. Check the condition of the fan at any time at least 3 months. Or, when you have a problem on your computer such as Hang, Restart and Total death. Clean the fan if necessary and give a lubricant (contact cleaner) in as a fan.

5. Do not put your CPU is too close (mepet) with the wall. Because it would cause air circulation fan should be running with the operation will be disrupted.

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