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TDA9302 Vertical deflection output schematics

The TDA9302H is a monolithic integrated circuit in HEPTAWATTTM package. This is a high efficiency power amplifier for direct drive vertical rolls from the yokes of TV. This is intended to be used in Color and B & W television as well as in monitors and displays .
tda9302H rangkaian defleksi vertical
Pin Connection :
 datasheet TDA9302H

Supply Voltage pin 2                                35V
Flyback peak voltage                               60V
Voltage at pin 3                                        +Vs
Amplifier Input Voltage                           -0.5V
Deflection Output Current                       ± 1.8 A
Pin 3 DC Current at V5 < V2                  100 mA
Total Power Dissipation at Tcase             90 °C
Storage and Junction Temperature          – 40, +150°C

Part List :

R1 = 12K
R2 = 10K
R3 = 27K
R4 = 12K
R5 = 1R
R6 = 330R
R7 = 1.5R
Ry = 5.9R

C1 = 680mF
C2 = 220uF
C3 = 220uF
C4 = 0.22uF
C5 = 1000uF
C6 = 4.7uF

D1 = BY252

IC = TDA9302H