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TDA7012T - Single chip FM received

TDA7012T - Single chip FM received
FM Radio Receiver IC TDA 7012T is very simple, but Radio This FM receiver has good sensitivity and selectivity. Single Chip TDA 7012T FM Receifer is to build an FM receiver requires a few additional components.

Feature contained in FM receiver IC TDA 7012T is quite tempting to an FM receiver. Among features an FM receiver TDA 7012T is a low-voltage applications micro affability arrangement (MTS), Frequency Loked Loop (FLL) to 76 KHz range and selectivity of FM receiver with RC Filter. In an article by FM Radio Receiver IC TDA 7012T can be seen in the FM receiver circuit which can be made​​.

FM received Schematic
TDA7012T- Mini FM received Schematic
Part List
R1 = 8kΩ2
R2 = 10kΩ
R3 = 390Ω
C1,C3 = 10nF
C2,C6,C9,C16 = 100nF
C4 = 33pF
C5 = 25pF trimmer
C7,C10 = 1nF5
C8 = 820pF C11 = 1nF
C12 = 68pF
C13 = 220pF
C14 = 47μF 10V
C15 = 3nF3
L1 = 36nH
L2 = 1μH,
IC1 = TDA7021T

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