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Switching Mode Power Supply using STR

Switching Mode Power Supply  using STRSwitching Power supply circuit produces a voltage B + (dc voltage) needed television series taken from the net voltage household. G7 G7A chassis and power supply circuit using cool / cold in which the primary and the secondary power supply electrically separated so that the chassis can be directly connected to another device via an audio video terminal.

switcing power supply schematics
Switching power supply

This power supply circuit is a type SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) using mosfet transistor integrated circuit voltage controller in one IC package, namely STR-W6654. This IC will control the duty cycle of time off Vth2 Mosfet transistor to control the output voltage. Besides, the IC is also equipped with a safety circuit against overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP) and over temperature (TSD) circuit is working on 220V ac voltage with the input ac voltage range of 176V to 260V ac or known by the Wide range Regulators.

How to Work Series

Initial bias voltage dc pin6 IC801 obtained from an ac voltage through D811 and R817, in the beginning of this pin6 high input impedance, or simply need a current of about 100uA, if the voltage has reached the 10V, the IC will mendrive Mosfet transistor into On and transformer will generate stress induction through V1 , R819 and D816 making this pin6 voltage rises to 16V working voltage, and at this point impedance pin6 will shrink or current will increase to 30mA.

Voltage Stabilizer

Stabilizing the output voltage of the circuit is done by regulating the length of time off of the transistor current MOSFETs by using the feedback coupler photo released by the D807. And the D807 is controlled by the IC regulator IC802, IC is working based on the transformer secondary winding S2 (main output). Change IC802 PIN1 perceived stress will be informed on the photo coupler D807 and forwarded to the IC801 for correction.

Safety Over Voltage

In the event of errors / defects in the feedback path, the output voltage will rise out of control, but the series / IC801 has been equipped with a safety overvoltage, where pin6 IC801 can serve as a detection voltage, output voltage rises when the voltage V1 uncontrolled transformer also rises and via the R819, D816 IC801 pin voltage also rose, When the voltage reaches 34V in IC801 oscillator will stop / off switch and voltage pin6 will go down, and when the voltage reaches 7.5 V IC is going back to work and pin6 voltage rises again, if it again reaches 34V IC will die, so planes demikiian will be dead-alive, dead-alive.

Safety Flow / Cost More

The series is able to secure the power supply circuit to the flow or more load by detecting current flowing in the drain-source transistors MOSFETs. By placing a resistor R809, R835, and R811 on pin3 (source) and connected to pin7 (OCP), the more current or voltage drop on this resistor can be directly detected by a safety circuit overcurrent (OCP). In the event of overload or over current IC will stop for pin 6 voltage above 7.5V

Safety Over Temperature

IC STR-W6654 is also equipped with over temperature safety circuit (TSD). If an error occurs in the IC cooling load or metal, can cause uncontrolled temperature rise IC if IC exceeds 140 degrees then it will stop. The aircraft can live again when the voltage is below 7.5V pin6 (main switch is turned off) and the temperature has dropped below 140 degrees.

Stand-By Condition

With working characteristics pin6 tapped IC STR-W6654 especially voltage Latch Circuit Release Voltage (7.5V) the IC can be made to work on a very small load conditions (stand-by)

How it works series Stand-By

In normal conditions PIN1 UOC IC output is 5V (high) and on stand-by condition 0V (low). If the output of PIN1 UOC Low, Q852 off, Q857 is on, thus the input voltage to 10V PIN2 of IC 802 that will cause the output voltage to 52 volts IC801 PIN1. That's due to the influence of input voltage PIN1 decreased from 26 V to 10V. so that the circuit feed back will inform you as there is more current. IC 801 IC801 stop temporarily until voltage falls below 7.5V pin6. After reaching 7.5V IC801 automatically revived. So this event will be repeated with certain intervals. The fall in line with all automatic 90V secondary circuit also fell, including PIN1 (V1) transformer. If the transformer voltage drop V1 also fell tentunnya pin6 IC801, IC801 will follow the working characteristics pin6.

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