Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stereo TDA2822 audio power amplifier circuit

Stereo TDA2822 audio amplifier circuit
In this series I use IC tda2822M as the main amplifier, but if you want to use in addition to IC TDA2822M you can use ic I mentioned this is KA2209, NJM2073, U2822B, U2823B. Output is issued no more than 4W, which had low output. Supply voltage from 3 volts to 16 volts.

Below its schematics of TDA2822 stereo audio power amplifier

TDA2822 amplifier schematics

Part description
R1 = 4.7R
R2 = 4.7R
C1 = 1uF
C2 = 100uF
C3 = 100uF
C4 = 0.1uF
C5 = 470uF
C6 = 1uF
C7 = 100uF
C8 = 0.1uF
C9 = 470uF
ICs = KA2209 , NJM2073 , TDA2822 , U2822B , U2823B

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