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Stereo Balance Indicator Circuit

Stereo Balance Indicator
Mechanical deficiencies that affect the reproduction of sound in a stereo amplifier is probably what you are thinking, armpit all the problems have been overcome. And actually bigger role than we know. True, the effect is so small that only a few of us who record it, or divert it to other things.

Most of such shortcomings can be traced back toto the stereo volume control ,maybe two in the no -stepresistance . As a result, the volume difference arises between the two channels and can usually be in balance again by the regulator balance. If you intend to define these differences precisely, stereo balance these indicators can fulfill your purpose.
stereo balance indicator circuit
Stereo Balance Indicator circuit

Quite simply, this circuit by connecting the output terminal and the right channel loudspeaker left channel of the amplifier and feed the same signal, should sinusoid (or cues mono) to the second input channel amplifier. If then the signals at both terminals tarafnya exact same loudspeakers, meters (zero in the middle) in the indicator of this balance will not deviate. However, if the signal level in the left channel is higher than the right channel meter will deviate to the left (or right if the opposite occurs). In this regulatory balance can be set up to read something about zero feet again, then the effect of volume control tracking error can be eliminated.

Trimpot P1 on balance the indicator should be set for full scale meter deflection, when only one channel worked.

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