Friday, April 15, 2011

Sound Signal Processor with MSP 34X0G

Sound Signal Processor with MSP 34X0G

IC MSP 34X0G is a single chip that can process voice signals to all TV standard International, and very good for the digital NICAM stereo. In the IC has several advantages, namely:

  1. Communication using the I2C bus control
  2. Selection of a voice signal automatically (mono / stereo / bilingual)
  3. Loudspeaker / headphones are equipped with volume control, bass, treble, loudness and balance
  4. Loudspeaker outputs are equipped with MDB (Micronas Dynamic Bass)
  5. AVC: Automatic Volume Correction
  6. Equipped with Sub woofer output
  7. Have facilities 5-Band graphic equalizer for loudspeaker
  8. Equipped spatial effect for loudspeaker
  9. Equipped with a matrix of voters in / out
  10. Has a SCART 4 stereo inputs, one mono input and 2 stereo SCART output
Block diagram of circuit in the IC MSP34X0G
Block diagram of circuit in the IC MSP34X0G

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