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Power Supply with regulation

power supply universalElectronic devices should be powered by direct current supply of DC (direct current) which is stable in order to work properly. The battery or batteries are the source DC power supply is best. However, for applications that require power supplies larger, the source of the battery is not enough.
A major source of power supply is alternating source of AC (alternating current) from power plants. For that needed a power supply device that can convert AC current into DC. In this article presented the principles of the power supply circuit (power supply), linear start from the simplest rectifier circuit to the power supply was regulation.

Power supply is functioning electronic circuit to supply power to other components in perangakat electronics. All electronic components that exist in an electronic device will receive power supply from the power supply. Power supply is very has a very important role in an electronic device. Therefore, without power supply, an electronic device will not work. The common voltage supplied by the power supply is +5 V, +12 V,-5V,-12V.
Large output voltage of power supply also must we adjust the voltage needs 'burden' or our electronic devices. Because, an electronic device will be able to work well if the supply voltage and power to him just like the specifications of these electronic components. (specification can be seen in the datasheet of a component).
simple power supply schematic

Power supply circuit drawing examples above we can replace with our needs. Pictured above is a simple power supply circuit having 78XX LM as a regulator. Type LM 78XX can we replace it according to our needs. If for example we want the output from the power supply is +12 Volts, then we have to change it into LM7812 LM. And also of course we have to input voltage of +12 volt transformer.

Similarly, if we want a voltage of +5 volts. So we have to replace the LM7805 LM 78XX, and the input voltage from the transformer 5Volt (transformer).

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