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Main function of TV tuner

Main function of TV tunerThe main function of the tuner is to select the RF signals from the desired frequency spectrum wave on VHF and UHF and more signs in the air Changing RF variable into a fixed IF frequency and to provide sufficient strengthening to cover the original data that has been transmitted.

Block diagram of a series of TV tuner to receive the frequency VHF / UHF

blok diagram tv tuner

Operational Tuner [Theoretical]

Tuner is controlled by a microprocessor in the TV chassis, which functions to receive / select a frequency. Exchange of information is channeled through the terminal Address, Clock and Data.

In the tuner, there are ICs that function to translate the instruction / data so that the tuner can function to select the desired frequency. The IC consists of some combination of series, including PLL, Local Oscillator [VCO], Mixer and IF amplifier. Everything artifacts in one chip / one chip. For further analysis, CXA3135 IC with I2C format will be taken as an example.

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