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LM1875 | 20 Watt Audio Power Amplifier

20 Watt amplifier
20 Watts Power Amplifier circuit can be made ​​with an IC power amplifier LM1875. IC LM1875 is a single chip power amplifier from National. 20 watts audio amplifier with LM1875 is a low power amplifier with good quality to the room.

To assemble the amplifier 20 watts with IC LM1875 component is not needed much support. 20 watts power amplifier using LM1875 IC in this article using symmetrical power supply. The series of 20 watts audio power amplifier with IC LM1875 can be used as an experiment or first project for the reader, because it is simple and assembly of high success.

LM1875 | 20 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
Schematic Amplifier LM1875

LM1875 amplifier circuit with the above may result in the strengthening of the voltage up to 27dB for each channel (1 channel 1 IC). Strengthening the voltage can be changed by changing the feedback that is R5 R (on the circuit above using R 22K). But the tension reinforcement can not be less than 20 dB because it can cause oscillation. For the power supply or power supply 20 watts power amplifier rngakaian with lm1875 can use travo 2-3A with CT.

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