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Humidity Sensors with SHT11

Humidity Sensors
Humidity Sensors with SHT11. SHT11 Humidity Sensors is a single chip relative humidity and temperature sensors with multi-sensor module that has been calibrated digital output. Section included a polymer capacity as eleman for relative humidity sensors and a ribbon strain used as temperature sensors.

Output of both sensors are combined and connected on 14-bit ADC and a serial interface on a single chip the same. The sensor output signal aimlessly good with a fast response time. SHT11 Humidity Sensor was calibrated at room denagn humidity accurately using as a reference hygrometer. Calibration coefficients have been programmed into the OTP memory. Coefficient will be used to Calibration output from the sensor during the measurement process.

Humidity Sensors
Humidity Sensors Diagram Block
Sensor system used to measure temperature and humidity are SHT11 Humidity Sensors with 5 Volt voltage source and bidirectonal 2-wire communication. This sensor system has a data path that is used for addressing and reading the command data.

Data collection for each measurement is done by giving orders addressing the microcontroller. Foot serial data that is connected with microcontroller provides a command addressing the pin Data SHT11 Humidity Sensors "00,000,101" to measure relative humidity and "00000011" for temperature measurement. SHT11Humidity Sensor provide humidity and temperature output data on data pins alternately in accordance with the given clock microcontrollers for sensor to work. Sensor SHT11 have ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) in it so that the output data is configured SHT11 Humidity Sensors in the form of digital data and requires no external ADC in data processing on the microcontroller. SHT11 Humidity Sensors data retrieval scheme can be seen in the picture below.

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