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High voltage inverter circuit diagram

high voltage inverter circuit
This inverter circuit works with a transistor and transformer and other components to increase the voltage becomes high. Input supply voltage ranging from 3V to 6V DC, later it was raised to high voltage AC. However, in this inverter circuit output current is very small, probably under 0.1A even smaller. However, its use you can apply it on a fluorescent lamp 10W maximum power only, and that too takes time to switch on fluorescent lamps.
Part List
R1 = 4K7
R2 = 2K2
R3 = 330K
C1 = 100nF
C2 = 100nF 275V
C3 = 0.22uF 275V
Q1 = D506
L1 = 100 times winding, with 0.8mm diameter copper wire
L2 = 50 times winding, with 0.8mm diameter copper wire
L3 = 5000 times winding, with 0.4mm diameter copper wire

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